Delivery and Handling

Bare root is a technique of arboriculture whereby a plant is dug out, in order to put it into a dormant state, from which they can more rapidly acclimate to new soil conditions. Bare root stock should be planted within 48 hours of receipt for optimal results.

Rootball and barerooted hedging is a very low cost way of planting a hedge, but is only available to buy and plant when dormant (November-March). Orders ahead of 1st November will be stored to guarantee an early delivery date. If you are buying Bare Root hedging plants, you may know that their survival depends largely on the quality of the plant AND the way it has been handled. provides top quality british grown hedges. Our Stock will be lifted fresh to order and dispatched straight to costumer.

Delivery Time Root ball plants are lifted from the fields to order so please order in good time before you actually need the plants. We will liaise with you to agree a delivery date. The benefit of this approach (rather than lifting the plants and holding them - out of the soil - on the nursery) is that the plants are really fresh and that gives them a better success rate. Normally we can deliver within 10 days of order, often less than that and occasionally a few days longer - but never more than 3 weeks.